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The Dangers of “Woke” Culture and the Church; A Crisis of Free Speech

Early in March, Michael Youssef, an Egyptian-American Pastor from Atlanta, Georgia, was interviewed for an article that was published at the Christian Post. You can find the full article at: http://www.christianpost.com/books/michael-youssef-woke-culture-creeping-into-evangelical-church. This article was published after the release of Michael’s newest book titled, Hope for This Present Crisis: The Seven-Step Path to Restoring a WorldContinue reading “The Dangers of “Woke” Culture and the Church; A Crisis of Free Speech”

The Reach of Government – Can It Be Stopped – Remember D-Day

I read an article on the Family Research Council’s website that was titled, “Two’s Company, Three’s…Marriage?” The article was alarming when one considers that it was only six years ago that our Supreme Court changed the definition of marriage with the Obergefell decision that recognized the legitimacy of same-sex marriage. As the article’s writer proclaims,Continue reading “The Reach of Government – Can It Be Stopped – Remember D-Day”

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